New Beginning Counselling Services accepts payment from individual clients directly or we can invoice a third party, depending on clients coverage.

  •      Private billing

Private billing means that clients are  directly responsible for payment at each session. The fee payment schedule is identified below.

  • Third Party billing

Third party direct billing means that we invoice directly on your behalf, such as to your Employee Assistance Program provider.  Most insurance companies reimburse clients according to their contract agreements, rather than pay third parties.

In order to proceed with Third Party Billing  the arrangements to do so is the responsibility of clients. Please check with your HR department, EAP or Insurance company for details on your coverage benefits and how they like to proceed.

The process for EAP coverage is arranged by your carrier with a formal referral to this office that includes the necessary details to allow this office to invoice them directly  on your behalf. Once the referral is received, this office will contact you to make the first appointment. There are usually a number of set sessions allowed. This is typically a short-term model of support.

Please be advised that coverage depends on several factors such as your carrier and whether I am on the list of providers. Arrangements must be made at least 48 hours before the first scheduled appointment. This office does not initiate this process on your behalf, simply because that's not how third party billing works. So please contact your EAP directly.


~This office does NOT provide WSIB services as a direct billing service. 

~OAS does not cover private counselling fees.

~OHIP does not cover counselling services.

~This office does NOT provide free meet-and-greets or free consultations. 


Please visit FAQ, for more answers to your questions.

Individual Counselling
  • Adults over age 16

  • 125.00 per hour (50 Min)

  • Payment due at each session

  • No HST is charged

Marriage Counselling/
Couples Counelling
  • Adults over age 16

  • 150.00 per hour (50 Min)

  • Payment due at each session

  • No HST is charged

Pet Grief Counselling
  • 80.00 per hour (50 min)

  • This is Specific Pet grief only!

  • No HST is charged.

  • Due at each session 

Third Party Billing

How to proceed with Third Party Billing:

  1. Contact.your HR Department, Insurance Company or EAP to confirm that direct billing is available.

  2. Provide them with my name and details. If I am on their roaster, ask for a referral.

  3. If approved by your EAP, they will then contact me with the details and I will contact you.

Fee Schedule


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