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Privacy policy


New Beginning Counselling Services payment for services can be rendered under Private billing or Third Party billing. However, all third party direct billing is the responsibility of clients to check with their EAP or Insurance company for coverage benefits. Directly billing is arranged by your EAP.


Private billing means that clients are responsible for payment at the end of each session. The fee payment schedule is identified below.

  • For Individual one-on-one counselling, the ideal is to schedule appointments once a week

  • For Marriage Counselling and Couple Counselling, the ideal is to schedule appointments twice a month or essentially once every 2 weeks.


Where Third party billing is available, please be advised that coverage depends on several factors such as your carrier and whether I am on the list of providers. It is the client's responsibility to inquire with your HR department, EAP or third party billing to determine if direct billing is available. Arrangements must be made at least 48 hours before our first scheduled appointment by the client with the third party.

I do not provide WSIB services as a direct billing service.


OAS does not cover private counselling fees.


OHIP does not cover counselling services.

Please visit FAQ, for more answers to your questions.




Individual Counselling


  • Adults over age 16

  • 125.00 per hour

  • Payment due at each session

  • No HST is charged

  • In-Take  Assessment required


Couple Counselling

Marriage Counselling


  • Adults over age 16

  • 150.00 per hour

  • Payment due at each session

  • No HST is charged

  • In-Take Assessment required


Pet Grief Counselling


  • Over age 12

  • 80.00 per hour

  • Parental custodial consent required

  • In-Take Assessment required

This offer is applicable for Specific Pet grief only.​



Third Party/or

Agency Direct Billing

How to proceed with Third Party Billing:

  1. Contact.your HR, Insurance Company or EAP to confirm that direct billing is available.

  2. Provide your EAP with my name and details. If I am on their roaster, ask for a referral.

  3. If approved by your EAP, they will then contact me with the details and I will contact you.

I work with several EAP companies, however, you must contact them directly first

  • I provide Regional, Provincial and Federal agency division direct billings 

  • I also deliver services and bill directly for clients through 

  • Victim Services Niagara and 

  • The Criminal Compensation Board

  • Most EAP work falls within short term counselling

  • Read FAQ for more info

"It is not the experience of TODAY that drives men mad.
It is remorse or bitterness for something which happened YESTERDAY
And the dread of what TOMORROW may bring.

Live but ONE day at a time." --with Courage.


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