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Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

New Beginning Counselling Services in  the Fort Erie, Ridgeway area offers Individual counselling for general and specific presenting issues of  concern, while recognizing that there are unique struggles based on individual circumstances. As a Clinician and Sociologist, trained in Sociological Social Psychology,  I  respectively recognize and address the distinctive differences impacting:

  • Men's issues

  • Women's issues 

  • Specific or Generalized issues of concern

Counselling is available for adult individuals over the age of 16.

Counselling Areas
Counselling in Welland

INDIVIDUAL  ONE-ON-ONE  COUNSELLING is available for the following 'Problems in Living':

  • Addiction

alcohol, pharmaceutical misuse, illicit drug use, pornography addiction, sex addiction, gambling

  • Anxiety

panic attacks, fear, stress, return to work fears

  • Anger

frustration to rage, unresolved trauma, easily mad, short fuse, impatient

  • Depression

feeling alone, lack of sleep or too much, poor eating, unmotivated, weight changes, hopelessness

  • Grief and loss

sad, alone, empty inside, lost someone you love, end of a relationship, pet grief

  • Relationship Issues

struggling with what is a healthy relationship, hurtful or stressful issues, poor communication, arguing, lack of intimacy, blended family dynamic issues of concern or life transitions

  • Self-Esteem

feeling worthless, negative self image, lack of confidence

  • Sexual Issues

fear of intimacy, victim of sexual, verbal, emotional abuse; Erectile Dysfunction, gender or sexual orientation uncertainties, sexual addictions, performance anxiety

  • Trauma

post traumatic stress, (PTSD), past experiences affecting your relationships or life, victim of domestic  violence (DV), sexual assault, coercion, victim of a crime

Niagara Counselling Services

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
                                                    ― Winston S. Churchill

INDIVIDUALS, Take the Test!

Does this describe you?


1.     Are you feeling stuck?
2.     Are you anxious or depressed?
3.     Are you lacking motivation?
4.     Have you experienced  trauma that you have not addressed?
5.     Are you struggling to have an 
appropriate and satisfying sex life?
6.     Are you experiencing grief or loss?
7.     Are you in a life transition?
8.     Are you feeling angry or frustrated?
9.     Are you feeling guilt and shame?
10.   Are you lacking hope?

If you answered YES, to 1 or more, then counselling can help you...


  • Move from feeling stuck to feeling empowered

  • Address unresolved issues

  • Find balance and well-being

  • Learn and apply practical coping skills, strategies and techniques

  • Live an authentic life

Counselling Benefits

  • Increase self-awareness 

  • Gain understanding

  • Resolve presenting issues of concern

  • Learn how to express your feelings

  • Identify ineffective thinking traps

  • Acquire practical coping skills

  • Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Learn how to cope with anxiety and depression

  • Discover ways to heal past hurts

  • Learn how to navigate recovery for addictions

  • Improve the quality of your significant relationships

  • Learn how to change maladaptive behaviours

  • Learn how to satisfy unmet needs and wants

  • Learn effective communication skills

  • Learn how mindfulness helps to cope

  • Learn how to be authentic!

  • Be empowered.

It takes courage to change and willingness

to let go

of what was

in order to discover what could be.


Counselling Benefits

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.
                                                                ― Maya Angelou

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