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Secrets of Self-Care

July 2017

Secrets of self care
Secrets of Self care

When I was contacted for my insight for a feature article about Self-care in Sage Magazine it caused me to recognize, realize and reflect on just how easy it is to give insight and so very hard to heed one’s own. Looks like it’s time for me to nuzzle up to a worthwhile book, sip a cup of tea and just lounge for a day. Thanks Kimberly for the inclusion and the reminder to me and others that self-care is all about self-love.

Check out the article!


Publication: Sage Magazine, Heat up Your Health, Published July 2017

Article Title: Self- Care by L. Kimberly Leung

For the full article by Kimberly Leung click here

Here's an excerpt:

"Chantale Denis, a clinical social worker and sociologist based in Niagara Falls, cites modern society, with its changing and overlapping roles (particularly for women), as a reason why self-care is so crucial, and yet difficult to put into practice. A single person can be a caregiver, colleague, student, spouse, parent and possibly more, all at the same time. Often, each of these roles demands a large investment of effort and attention outward, leaving little time for reflection or introspection. Many of the women Denis sees in her practice fail to invest time in nurturing themselves, resulting in poor life satisfaction, low self-confidence and a skewed sense of self-awareness. “With proper self-care,” says Denis, “women find themselves happier, healthier and more hopeful for the future.”

"Denis says each person has six dimensions that need to be cared for: emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological, sexual (which includes points like personal hygiene and femininity) and intellectual. She encourages her clients to find a way to nurture each of these dimensions."

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Featured in

Sage Magazine
Sage Magazine


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