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Socio Sentiments: A Sociologist's Blog

by Chantale Denis

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Share your Experience of Courage!

Being a Sociologist, Therapist and having been a Research Analyst, I am interested in hearing about people's lived experiences. In this case, I would love to hear about an experience in which you felt that you have had courage.

Please tell me about your experience of courage, ANONYMOUSLY.


When we are courageous,we face our fears with a grit of hope that we will overcome --and we press onward despite the odds, despite the unknown and sometimes-- despite belief that we can make it --and when we do, that's brutal courage!


Please take a moment to share what you are courageous about or why you have needed courage by completing the sentence in the "I have Courage" form, which is completely Anonymous.


Read the Courage Blog Entry under Muslings.


to be

Be part of the Courage Couch Conversation.

 I have

Anonymous Courage Sharing Form


1. Do NOT use your real name.

2. Do NOT provide your email address.

3. Only send 1 form.

4. Complete the sentence.--nothing more.

5. Be sincere and have courage..

Success! Thanks!

If you believe in Courage, please share your experience by completing the form anonymously.

Celebrate Courage

I am courageous.
I have courage.
I respect courage.
I admire courage.
Inspire Courage, today!

By clicking send you are not providing any identifiable information about you. This also does not establish a professional relationship with this company..By  using the form and submitting it, you release New Beginning Counselling Services  and employees or associates of any indemnity.

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