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How to Be a Better Husband? (44 “Not to Miss” Expert Tips)

by Chantale Denis

January 16, 2019

Marriage is a journey. Making it work is a choice.

When I was asked what makes a better husband by Carmen Jacob for UpJourneycom, an affiliate for Amazon com for an article on Expert Tips on how to be a better husband, I was pleased to be a contributor.

In today's era, it's quiet easy to be caught up in the "me" generation, but making a marriage work is all about the "we." More importantly, making a marriage work and being a better husband is about recognizing one's own role and responsibility and commitment in the journey of togetherness.

Here' are some tips that I shared than can easily be adopted by all partners who seek to have a profound meaningful relationship.

"I always tell my clients that the objective in Marriage counseling ought to be focused on how to be a better husband or better wife. The best version of themselves. This requires that they each give 100 percent of themselves.
I recommend a basic premise that works! I refer to it as *STOP and Be with TLC*
In short, it means STOP, BE (Empathetic) with TLC (Time, Look, Care)
Here’s how it works:
Stop whatever you are doing. Be fully present. (Your eyes ought to be fully focused on your partner). This shows respects and commitment to valuing how the other person feels and shows that you are listening to them.
Put yourself in the shoes of the other person emotionally and cognitively—That’s being empathetic. Make the effort to spend at least 10 minutes being totally focused on your partner. Look at her, and demonstrate you care by asking a simple question and be willing to come through: *What do you need from me right now?* (at this moment). It shows you care. It tells your partner that they matter. In so doing, couples have reported better communication and a greater connection with one another.
This simple Acronym becomes a recipe in a toolbox of helpful hints that empowers couples to be their best possible self. In this case, a tool for husbands to be better husbands!

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