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Social Roles Women Unknowingly Follow

May 2017

Women's second shift
Women roles amd unwritten rules

When a Washington DC bureaucrat emails me and quotes me in her blog, with The New York Times and Harvard Business Review, I get giddy and feel I’m now only 999,999 light years away from meeting the President of the United States. It makes me smile. Thanks Lilly for connecting with me and bringing to light the "Second Shift" many women have of work to be done at home and unpaid labour all of which is often the under girding power of the unwritten rules that many women follow-- all at a cost--to themselves.

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Publication: Publication: The List

Article Title: Social Roles Women Unknowingly Follow by Lillian McTernan

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Here's an excerpt:

"And, unsurprisingly, studies point to a large disparity in the amount of time that men and women spend doing unpaid labor: "worldwide, women spend an average of 4.5 hours a day on unpaid work…that is more than double the amount of time men spend," The New York Times notes. This increased burden tends to lead to burnout, according to Chantale Denis, a clinical social worker at New Beginning Counselling Services in Ontario, Canada. "
"Denis described how women's efforts to meet the expectations of both their employers and their partners leads to exhaustion and burnout: "Women often come home to a "second shift"— [taking on] home life responsibilities after a day at work. The price women pay for this… is emotional drainage. Their self-care tank runs on empty." All in all, the unwritten "rule" that women should handle the bulk of the unpaid labor is deeply damaging."

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